The Fragrance of Ink

The Long Island Chapter of the Sumi-e Society is the cheap rolex watches local affiliate of the National Organization, The Sumi-e Society of America. Our chapter was founded by Sung Sook Setton in 1998.

Chapter membership is open to all who appreciate East Asian Art.

The Sumi-e Society of America (SSA) was founded in 1963 by Motio Oi, and is a non-profit organization Cheap Rolex Replica Watches dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation of Sumi-e. The Long Island Chapter has set forth the following as its purpose and mission:

  1. To encourage and nurture an appreciation of East Asian Brush Painting (water-ink) and the techniques used for this art form.

  2. To serve as one of the bridges between Eastern and Western Cultures.

  3. To facilitate the exhibition of East Asian artwork in public and private venues.

  4. To furnish information to all persons wanting to learn about this form of art.

  5. To conduct activities such as: Exhibitions, Lectures, Demonstrations, Workshops, etc., which coincide with the educational goals of the Sumi-e Society of America Inc.